Modelling is the process of identifying, extracting, coding and replicating the innate perceptions, thought processes, beliefs and behaviour of high performers.


Often, people think that talents such as leadership are innate and cannot be learned. The 'nature nurture' debate continues, and the recruitment industry thrives on the idea that you have to buy high performers into your organisation, you cannot reproduce them internally.

Through my unique approach to modelling, I can show you how to unpick the mental processes that drive high performing behaviours, so that you really can 'clone' your best people.

Overall, I have found that high performers:

1. They have a goal which is greater than that of the task which they are recognised for excelling at, so the task becomes a means to an end and not an end in itself.

2. Their intention, attitude or methods are counter-intuitive and not obvious to an observer.

3. They appear to get results easily because they actually do make it easy for themselves by implementing short-cuts or methods which are not obvious to an observer.

This unique modelling approach therefore identifies and codes these hidden skills and behaviours so that they can be shared throughout a group or organisation.

Modelling enables you to:

+ Reproduce best practice very quickly in a fast-evolving environment

+ Create learning interventions which automatically create culturally-aligned high performers

+ Develop a learning organisation which constantly adapts to change


Sounds brilliant, doesn't it? That's because it is. You really ought to find out more about it!