I spoke at the NLP Conference in London, April 17th 2016 on the subject of...

Everything you know about NLP is wrong

And that's why you can't always get the results you intended.

When trainers just emulate the pseudo-science they’ve been taught instead of testing for themselves, they pass that on to their students. So instead of an evolving, developing field, we have bad techniques being taught badly, and then we wonder why NLP gets a bad name.


For example, if you have trouble getting anchoring to work reliably, it's because you've been taught it wrong. And you're probably trying to use it to access resources such as confidence, which is the wrong way to use it.

Swish? Having trouble keeping the client's mind on the process? You've been using it wrong.

Just can't get your head round the Six Step Reframe? You've been doing it wrong.

But how can all of these experts be so wrong? Because they have failed to take into account the 30 years of neuroscience research since NLP was first created.

And we’ve learned a lot in 30 years...

Here's a video of the entire session - it's an hour long, so get yourself a nice cup of tea before you sit down to enjoy it.

Here'a PDF copy of the handout 

One thing which I can't give you via this web page is the lovely jelly brains and candy hearts that we enjoyed in the session!

You'll just have to come along next year... 28th to 30th April 2017