6th June 2015
Neurobusiness 2015 Conference

At the Neurobusiness 2015 conference I gave a presentation entitled "Winning the talent war: Decoding and transferring innate talents within a business". In it, I showed you some video clips and referenced a few other bits of research and so on.

Here's a list of the references with links, plus some other information that you might find useful. If you're looking for sample modelling reports, just go to the Consulting page of this site and you'll find them there.

Firstly, my blog for Genius at Work where I'll post all the latest goings-on and discoveries. When I get round to it.

Secondly, look me up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If you're into that kind of thing.

Thirdly, resources from the show:

My presentation - as a PDF

My presentation - as a video combining the slides and audio recorded of the actual real live presentation its very self

My original presentation before they told me I only had 50 minutes - as a PDF

Andre Antunes impersonates 10 famous guitarists playing Daft Punk's Get Lucky

More from Andre Antunes, this time Uptown Funk. Notice anything interesting about Jimi Hendrix?

The Unsticker - the free, amazing creative problem solving tool that made a surprise cameo appearance...

I edited out a little video that I made about context - here it is http://youtu.be/I5_3_kFWviM

Here's the 'brain virus' compilation that I put together for your pleasure - http://youtu.be/iMyeorW2N-s

I'm afraid I can't share the amazing Byron Johnson video with you, so here's his website instead

And once again - you'll find sample modelling reports on the Consulting page


Oh - and if you want to buy any of my books, which would be a wise choice, then you can find them at my publisher and also on Amazon in paperback, and Kindle for some titles:

Genius at Work

The Unsticker

The NLP Master Practitioner Manual

The NLP Practitioner Manual