12-15 April + 10-13 May 2019 8 days over 2 modules
Solihull B90 4RF
NLP Business Practitioner Training

NLP Business Practitioner Training

8 days, SNLP licensed, £795

Secure your place with a £195 deposit


 NLP Business Practitioner - 8 days - April 12 to 15, then May 10 to 13 2019

The cost is just £795 for the full Practitioner training, including SNLP certification.

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Reserve your place with a £195 deposit, refundable prior to 30 days before the course start date, transferrable to any other course. The balance is payable 90 days before the course start date.

"Your training was the best I could have gotten! I'm using it so so often!! Especially while preparing trainings and workshops but even more during them! Learned so so much! Thanks again again and again!!" - Chantal Vroom-Bezuijen

Achieve your NLP Practitioner certification by joining this SNLP licensed NLP Practitioner training running over 8 days with Peter Freeth, a SNLP Master Trainer, author of 12+ NLP books and with 25+ years experience of training NLP all over the world.

The format within the 8 days is 7 days of interactive, practical training followed by a 1 day assessment day which completes your Practitioner certification.

"I had barely heard of NLP before I signed up to Peter's Practitioner course ten years ago. I was extremely fortunate to have him as my trainer and the NLP course was a revelation! NLP has enhanced my own life and my work (teaching, training and career coaching) ever since and I have found his books as entertaining and informative as his training." - Ruth Guy, Coventry University

The 8 day course is SNLP licensed and run by me, so you're guaranteed something very special.The NLP Practitioner Training takes place between 09:00 – 17:00 every day over 8 days. 

In this course, you will not only learn the full Society of NLP syllabus of tools and techniques, you will also have personal experiences of the power and value of NLP, putting you in a wonderful position to better support your own clients, students, colleagues, family and friends. The course concludes with an assessment day where you will put yourself and your new skills to the test with a number of observed coaching sessions. This is the NLP training program where you will know that you have genuinely earned your certification, and that it really means something special that will give you the credibility you need.

  • The NLP presuppositions: Useful beliefs anyone who works with people and change
  • Well formed outcomes: A method to identify and focus your unconscious mind on your most valued goals
  • Rapport: How to connect with anyone, quickly
  • Metaphor: Use metaphor and deliver powerful messages to the unconscious mind.
  • Representation systems: How people build their internal maps and interact with the world
  • Eye patterns: How to read the patterns of a person's thought processes
  • Submodalities: See the details in a person's map of the world
  • Swish Patterns: Change habits and states and create new choices for situations you used to react to
  • Strategies: Predictable internal processes that drive our most complex behaviours
  • Anchoring: Make powerful connections to new resources and gain control of the change process
  • Milton Model: Easily influence through hypnotic language patterns
  • Meta Model: See beneath the surface of distortions, generalisations and deletions in language
  • Reframing: Create new perspectives and meanings for problems
  • Six step reframe: Use your client's own creativity to solve behavioural problems
  • The Unsticker: Learn to use Peter's innovative creative problem solving tool that will Unstick any problem in minutes

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"Peter is totally engaging and knowledgeable trainer. He has got an amazing way to guide people through their personal thoughts and beliefs, challenging and trigger the positive change in themselves to get the best from the training and from the NLP. I have observed some noticeable changes in my own behaviours as well as in behaviours of other trainees as a result of Peter's pretty unique training style, knowledge, insight and a passion to make NLP what it is in his own words : a scaffolding to support massive change in your personal life, business affairs and the future of your company you can construct. (from Peter’s book “Coaching Excellence”. And by the way – we had so much fun!!!! I can strongly recommend his training courses to anyone who wants to use NLP in coaching and in life." - Tatyana Stewart