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A worksheet for the Mandala and a video to show you the Mandala in action

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NLP Masters Summit, September 2021 - I'll be presenting 'So you think you know Meta Model?' and lots of other great speakers to see

SWCM Conference, October 2021 - I'll be presenting 'The Magical Canvas of Projective Coaching'

International NLP Business Confex, December 2021 - I'll be presenting 'Leading through Change' and lots of other great speakers to see

Find out all about Peter Freeth

Projective Coaching - if you like the artwork and photos then you'll love learning how to use them for personal insights

My YouTube channel - full of interesting things to watch

Personal Coaching - are you interested in coaching with me?

Creating the new normal - COVID and the challenges of getting people back to the office

David James

Stephen Parker

Always make sure you access the meeting using the links on this page which will always take you to the up-to-date access point and connection method.

If you see a message about another meeting in progress then it's because I have a client meeting or coaching session which conflicts with the Bike Shed. Unfortunately I can only have one active meeting at a time, even if I'm not taking part, so if you see that message do check back later.

In these trying times, social isolation might keep us physically safe, but we run the long term risk of creating mental health problems, as social isolation is knowing to be a leading factor in depression.

Keep yourself sane as well as safe by joining me, every week day, from 13:00 to 14:00 UK time in my online video conference 'Behind the Bike Shed'.

The joining instructions have changed slightly due to the antics of teenage boys with time on their hands, so do check the joining instructions in bold text below and always use this page to access the meeting in case I change the conference link to deter hackers.

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January 11 ★ Change Your Future with the 2020 Vision Day

January 19 - 20 ★ NLP in Business in Dubai

January 22 - 23 ★ NLP in Business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

February 28 - March 2 ★ NLP Business Master Practitioner module 1 in Birmingham, UK

March 7 ★ Peter Freeth is running a workshop at the CIPD Midlands Student Conference

March 14 ★ Sales Influence workshop in Hong Kong

March 16 - 23 ★ NLP Practitioner in Hong Kong

May 1 - 4 ★ NLP Business Master Practitioner module 2 in Birmingham, UK

May 14 ★ CIPD AGM in Birmingham

May 15 - 19 ★ NLP Trainer Training module 1 in Birmingham, UK

October 9 - 13 ★ NLP Trainer Training module 2 in Birmingham, UK

October 30 - November 6 ★ NLP Master Practitioner in Hong Kong

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Download resources from recent CPD events:

Projective Coaching -   South West Coaching and Mentoring Conference 7 October 2021

Castle Phoenix Teaching & Learning Conference 22 October 2021

Leading through Change - International NLP Confex for Business Excellence 4 December 2021

Projective Coaching - Association of Coaching 19 January 2022

Projective Coaching - NLP Conference 2022

CIPD Webinar March 2021 - Why Talent Programs Fail

CIPD Student Webinar March 2021 - How to survive your CIPD course and exams and advance your career

CII Chartered Insurance Institute CPD roadshow 2020 - Mental Health in the Workplace - Should I be Worried?

CIPD Midlands Student Conference March 2020 - Learning how to navigate your CIPD course to advance your career

CIPD Midlands HR Leaders Conference March 2020 - The RSA's Four Futures of Work

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