KKP is one of the UK’s leading management consultancy practices specialising in sport, leisure, culture, regeneration and land-use planning. Much of KKP’s business comes through public sector tendering, and the bid presentation is a vital element in KKP’s ability to secure new business, being the main opportunity for KKP’s consultants to differentiate themselves from their competitors and it is therefore vital that they perform consistently at their best. 

Nick Rimmer, KKP’s Managing Consultant, says, “We want to build a more targeted approach to the tendering process so that we can be more selective and increase our chances of winning business. On a training course you get lectured to, and the key for us was to put things into practice and really get some intensive one to one support, which is why coaching was better for us. We chose Peter because we had worked with him before, the previous session had been very well received and we wanted to move away from standard courses and have something that was much more relevant to our consultants’ individual needs.” 

Peter worked with 8 of KKP’s consultants in two days, focusing on personal performance and drawing out individual strengths. One of KKP’s values is that ‘what you see is what you get’, so in order to convey this, it was vital that each consultant is presenting in a way that is natural for them. The interactive, individualised approach of coaching delivered this far more effectively than traditional training ever could. 

Nick Rimmer says, “It got us to think more about the message we’re trying to get across and how we convey that message. It’s important to present in a style that’s right for you, so that you are comfortable with that message and the audience feels comfortable working with us.” 

Peter's unique approach combines the cost effectiveness of group development with the individual attention of coaching, and a consequence of this is a high degree of skills transfer in continuous development of performance. In a market environment, it’s important to be consistently one step ahead of your competitors rather than wasting energy trying to be miles ahead. 

In order to maintain this consistent lead, it’s important to take an evolutionary approach to skills development, rather than to run a training course and then stand still for the next few years. By working in this individualised, interactive way, Peter passes on the skills needed for that constant evolution so that the presenters can continually refine best practice based on their real experience in front of clients, ensuring the long term success of the business.