Simon Polledri, Director and co-founder of Corporate Sports Management, first met Peter at a conference where Peter was speaking about coaching. Simon was impressed with Peter’s performance and could see the value that the coaching techniques could bring to Business Managers and Directors at all levels. Simon had never enjoyed giving presentations but it was something that he wanted to learn to do well and recognised the advantages this would bring to the business. Having maintained his relationship with Peter since the original seminar, Simon decided he would be the ideal person to coach him. 

Simon was amazed at the results he achieved in just one session, saying “Peter was able to put things in my terms, help me recognise and overcome the barriers and inhibitions in my mind and understand what it was I didn’t like about it. Unlike training, coaching is designed specifically for the individual and their own agenda” 

So in just one coaching session Simon had gone from disliking and shying away from presentations to really enjoying them. He says, “The biggest difference now is my approach to preparation, thinking things through and deciding what character I want to be in. Now I really love the opportunity to speak!” 

When asked if he would recommend coaching to others, Simon says “Have it now! There are so many dimensions you can grow into as a person and a Manager or Director and I have, and will continue to, recommend it to others.”