Here's a full list of my books that could be valuable for coaches and trainers.

Change Magic Learn the evolutionary approach to organisational change to create agile, flexible, adaptable organisational cultures.

Coaching Excellence Discover the three missing pieces of the standard coaching puzzle and make a magical connection with your clients, so that your work with them will be faster, easier and more rewarding for both of you.

Genius at Work Identify and model your high performers and then use the results in the design and delivery of the entire people cycle.

Learning Changes An approach to structuring learning that creates behavioural change within the learning design itself, enabling anyone to deliver great training that delivers measurable results.

NLP in Business A practical companion guide that helps you to apply the principles and techniques of NLP in your professional environment, easily, powerfully and elegantly, with full, in-depth sections devoted to a range of business applications.

Plain Selling The plain, simple, sensible approach to selling - equally valuable for both product and service sales.

The NLP Master Practitioner Manual The definitive NLP Master Practitioner companion, with everything that you need to model talents and create custom techniques in any situation.

The NLP Practitioner Manual A complete companion for any NLP Practitioner, whether beginner or advanced as it fills the gaps left by many trainings.

The NLP Trainer Training Manual Everything that you need to teach NLP at the Trainer level of SNLP certification.

The Unsticker An amazing creative problem solving tool which unsticks even the stickiest, most challenging problems with uniquely structured random questions.

Projective Coaching Techniques Open up a whole new world of exploration with your coaching clients and work beyond the constraints of language.

Building Your Career Capital by Nitin Thakur and Peter Freeth